The New Tech Hubs in 2022

Top 3 EU tech hubs post-covid This year sees London, Paris, and Berlin – the German capital knocking Dublin out of the top spot for the first time – being in pole position in 2022.  Tech is thriving as a major industry, and as a result tech hubs are growing, evolving, and emerging as the […]

No-Code Apps – Pros & Cons

The article originally appeared on here. What if you could build your own software without any programming skills? Or make a prototype without writing a single line of code? As in, zip, nada, zilch, code. With no-code tools, these aren’t pipe dream questions; they’re reality for a growing number of non-technical founders with a great idea […]

Back to the office in ’23?

In the ongoing battle between bosses and workers over returning to the office, recent data shows more people are trudging back to the workplace. In the first week following Labor Day, office usage in 10 major metro areas neared 50% of 2020’s pre-pandemic attendance, reports Kastle Systems, a key-card property management company that tracks entries into office […]

Trending Insights

How Do Rising U.S. Interest Rates Affect Emerging and Developing Economies? It Depends (December 2022) This paper examines the implications of different types of interest rate shocks in the United States for emerging market and developing economies (EMDEs). It first classifies changes in U.S. interest rates into those caused by changes in inflation expectations (“inflation” shocks), […]

2022 Year in Review – Podcast

Originally the article first appeared on the World Bank website here. 2022 in Review: A Year of Uncertainty | The Development Podcast FEATURING: Indermit Gill, Chief Economist of the World Bank Group and Senior Vice President for Development Economics / Dareen Akkad, Egyptian baker and restaurant owner. Use the following clickable timestamps to listen to the podcast. [00:00] […]

2023 trends

 Journalists and commentators like to make predictions about the future using carefully chosen words. Other forecasters prefer the language of numbers. Good Judgment, a forecasting firm, has recruited many such individuals to its team of superforecasters, who work together to provide detailed, specific forecasts. Here are their predictions for events in 2023. Forecasting winner Congratulations […]

Corporate Real Estate Continues to Sky Rocket

The 2023 commercial real estate outlook indicates there may be challenges ahead. Retail is at a crossroads, and the future of office space is unclear. Plus, supply chain issues persist, and inflation is near 40-year highs, prompting the Fed to steadily increase interest rates. But there are a few bright spots in the commercial real […]